Sunday, 23 September 2007

Growing marijuana indoors - what you will need

If you decide to go with an indoor marijuana grow, there are a number of things you will need. Some of these may be costly but are well worthwhile in the long-term. Think of it this way - in six months you spend $ buying sub-standard cannabis or even shit bar. If you take the cost of that, invest in what you need and start a grow you will have an ongoing supply of top quality, usable cannabis, which won't turn your lungs to carbon in a year. The growing process does take time, especially on your first grow, but if you are really desperate and can't wait, you can either nip out an occasional leaf and dry it or you can go for that very potent legal bud I suggested to you before.

The basic requirements for an indoor grow are:

A suitable growing space (this can be a closet or cupboard, a ready made grow-tent or even a metal box)
High-pressure sodium and/or metal halide lights (this is the most expensive item so making the right choice is important. Quality can vary)
Extractor fan for ventilation
Carbon filter to eliminate odor
Light reflecting lining for the walls (again, there are many choices, some more expensive than others)
Compost or growth medium such as rockwool
10lt pots
Timer unit for lights
Exhaust system for extractor to ensure odor elimination
Specialist feeds for vegetation and flowering stages
And finally, and most importantly, good quality Cannabis Seeds.

Stealth is, unfortunately, also an issue in most of the western world. Marijuana really stinks, especially in the flowering stage and you need to take measures to ensure that the odor doesn't travel beyond your grow room. You also need to take account of visibility, especially in an urban setting, as light leakage could be a real giveaway, especially at night. Metal halide and high pressure sodium lights emit a quite distinctive light, soft, tinged with color which has a very incandescent effect.

Your first task is to go and consider your grow space now. Choose where in your home you wish to set-up your grow and begin to make preparations there. If you choose well your self-made grow room should give you years of service and plenty of very successful crops.


SteveB said...

I have some basic questions about starting to grow plants, is there a blog or somewhere that i can ask basic growing questions?


Anonymous said...

thanks i got alot of usful information from ur site and i am going to start right away smoke the good shit not shit shit peac out